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  • ​I have read books, listened to podcasts, and watched HOURS of videos on real estate but I'm stuck...
  • ​I want to learn how to land my first deal quickly with confidence and clarity RIGHT AWAY!
  • ​I want to NOT lose money in my first deal and bankrupt myself because of a bad deal. 
  • ​​I also want to know how to use the FORCE Strategy to close my first deal in as early as 3-6 months! 
  • ​​I want to get mentorship from the Kwak Brothers starting TODAY!

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Facts About The Coaching Program

 What Is First Deal Mentor?

The First Deal Mentor program is a very interactive coaching experience to help you land your first ever real estate deal. We help you navigate through your first deal together and build your confidence to keep closing deal after deal in the future! 

 Who Needs It?

We specifically designed this program for new investors who are stuck trying to close their first deal. Your typical barriers might be lack of confidence, clarity, and certainty about pulling "the trigger" when it comes time to put in the offer.

 How Does It Work?

Once you enroll, you'll be introduced to our step-by-step "playbook" that you can start right away. You'll watch our modules and be invited to weekly coaching sessions to make sure you're taking action.

 Where Does The Coaching Take Place?

Each coaching session takes place through Zoom and/or over the phone. You also have instant access to our on-demand modules you can watch anytime to make sure you have the contextual knowledge to execute on the action plan each week. 

 Will This Program Work For Me?

As long as you have a computer, internet access, a mobile phone, and the commitment to stay focused for the next 15 months (or less), you can succeed. Your past experience, skills, risk-tolerance, and time commitment will all dictate the outcome of your efforts.

 How Long Does It Take To Complete?

The program lasts up to 15 months or whenever you complete your first real estate deal. 
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